REP Team

REP team is a fitness testing and development tool used in the training of students and young athletes. Built in conjunction with schools and sports organizations, we aim to fulfill the needs of those who manage classes or teams. When your initial account is set up we start by implementing your branding across our tool. Afterwards we work with you to on-board your athletes, schedule testing, and give you guided tours of the app and how it works.

Team Management

Our flexible team management allows you to create multiple groups of athletes and coaches. We understand that athletes can belong to many teams and account for this in their analysis and testing. 

Team Testing

Testing lies at the core of our product, you can test quickly and easily on any device. By evaluating your your athletes using standardized tests you can measure improvement, identify issues early, and increase the overall fitness of your entire team.

Analyze Your Results

We break your data down in to manageable reports. You can track individual athletes, or teams. Laid out in an easy to understand way this data will help you advocate for your athletes at the highest level possible.

Workout Generation

When you test your team each player receives AI generated workouts geared to their fitness level. They are sent emails about these new workouts, and are able to click through to our workout tacking application on any device.

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