A photo, the founder of reperformance callen.

Callen McGibbon The CEO Of REPerformance

Callen is a serial entrepreneur, with a track record of success in the health and fitness industry. Like most entrepreneurs his story starts by having a dream and starting with nothing. He has founded 3 companies in the health and fitness industry, in retail, paramedical services and fitness software.

Callen is purpose driven with a passion for learning more about the human body. He looks at the world as a encyclopedia of knowledge and places himself in a path to effectively and efficiently learn as much as possible each and every day.

Callen Has Created Two Successful Companies

Healthy Living

Healthy Living is a 360 degree Fitness and paramedical services company. We are the exclusive partner to Laurentian University and provide the University faculty, staff, students and Varsity Athletics a suite of health services. Our team consists of 3 Physiotherapists, 2 Registered Massage Therapists, 2 Registered Kinesiologist, 1 Registered Dietitian, 2 Strength and conditioning coaches, 3 Fitness performance Trainers and 1 Sport psychologist. We have operated at Laurentian since 2004.


REPerformance aims to provide the opportunity to excel in sport and life through fitness. We channel the competitive behavior of our community to a platform that facilitates comparison and competition. Their is a lack of emphasis on the impact youth sports has on physical fitness. With our team testing and industry insights into standardized testing, we provide feedback to youth in sport to show improvement in fitness. Considering 95% of youth in sport do not play sport past high school, our purpose is equip all sport participants with long-term training insights. 

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